curator / director / founder SRD Change National

Creativity, experience and more

Great design delivers optimal results in style, performance and value, all in harmony with current and future prosperity. Anything less sells us all short. We recommend you participate with those showing a demonstrated track record of success with good consideration for your project and our world.

Design to meet the needs of time, budget, market and giving something extra for the environment at no extra cost. This is more than our goal, it's our standard practice. For us:

"Best green practice design is more than a cliché, it embodies our future."

2018 continuing Design and Management of communications for an innovative global Youth program to benefit our world is the current focus and direction.

√ Developing the Youth sustainability initiative Young Australians' Plan for the Planet

√ Supporting the global sustainability initiative Young Persons' Plan for the Planet

√ Actively encouraging the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


√ Greener paper consulting and greener print broking expertise

√ Talks and lectures on a range of greener design and EcoDesign subjects


DesignOz is well experienced in creating positive results. Your input and our creativity and knowledge turned into commercial benefits plus the satisfaction of knowing best green practice is always being applied as appropriate. Branding, graphics, style, brochures, artwork, websites, packaging, products, photography and more, all produced with a minimum fuss and least environmental footprint for maximum returns/result.


"Our director is proudly the curator / founder of SRD Change National"